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Shipping Warranty

We provide shipping warranty for all shipments.  

For all warranty claims, please email us at: 

The representative in charge must be presented with proof of damage and proof of purchase when filing a shipping claim. Upon claim approval, broken mirrors and vanity table parts damaged during transit should be replaced immediately.

We recommend you inspect your items immediately after receiving them as shipping warranty is only valid for a week after the date of delivery.

Important Note: If you suspect something is wrong with your shipment, you must note every detail on the delivery receipt and take pictures in order to file a claim. Dents, stains, ruptured plastic wrap, items off the pallet, damaged boxes are some of the details that should be noted. If you notice something wrong, do not sign the delivery receipt as OK. Please tell the delivery driver that you will need to inspect your mirror before signing if the package is damaged. In the event the vanity mirror is broken, refuse the item and contact us for warranty assistance.


Technical Warranty For Vanity Mirrors

Pearls Vanity Mirrors are covered by a one-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. When a customer service representative investigates a warranty claim, he/she may ask for additional information, such as pictures or videos. Customer service representatives will determine the most appropriate resolution for your particular situation and provide you with instructions. Any technical claim for your mirror can be made to Customer Service within the warranty period.


Physical Warranty for Vanity tables & Mirrors

Vanity tables do not come with an extended warranty covering future physical damage. However, if you have received a defective part of the table, we can exchange it upon inspection. Occasionally, we will need to return the damaged part to our warehouse before we can ship a replacement. Physical damage must be reported within a month of purchase and immediately after it is removed from the box. Please DO NOT continue assembling or setting up your table or mirror, as this will result in the warranty being voided, without exception. Warranty will not apply if: The defect in the Product is caused by improper installation, use, or maintenance by the purchaser. Any physical claim for your vanity table or mirror can be made to Customer Service within the warranty period. Please be prepared with pictures/videos as well as with your dated proof of purchase.


Spare Parts

Pearls Vanity sells individual spare parts. It may be possible to purchase a spare part if one of your vanity parts becomes damaged during the course of its life. This will enable you to preserve your vanity for longer without the need to replace it. It is only applicable to previous Pearls Vanity purchases (proof of purchase will be requested). For assistance with Pearls Vanity spare parts, contact our customer service department. The spare parts of your vanity may differ from those when you purchased it due to continuous improvement and changes in production. We cannot manufacture spare parts from previous production plans if this is the case. 


Important Information Regarding Warranty for Local Pick ups

In the case of water damage or mishandling items during transit, warranty coverage will not apply, so please take care of your items during self-transport and plan accordingly. Should we consider the transportation to be unsafe, risky, or very far from the pick-up location Pearls Vanity will ask the purchaser to sign a waiver assuming all risks of self transportation, voiding the warranty.

No matter who is at fault, all exchanges/resolutions must take place at the warehouse.