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Pearls Vanity is proud to offer NO credit needed, hassle free financing through secure and trusted third-party financing companies!

  • You can have the vanity of your dreams without hurting your pockets!
  • Easy and fast application, will give you an approval within minutes!
  • Any Vanity can be yours with as little as $39-$50 initial payment!
  • Automatic payments will not start until you receive your vanity!
  • Take advantage of the 90/100 day interest free promotional time offer and pay your entire purchase same as cash! 
  • Positive credit score impact!


  • 18 years of age or older.
  • SSN or ITIN #
  • Active Bank Account (3 months or older)
  • Valid ID  (Passport/ Consular ID welcomed)


Please Text 713-261-3808, To receive the link for a financing application.


Denied Application 

As mentioned above, we work with more than one financing company. If you happen to have the application denied through the first option. Please text or call us at 713-261-3808, to help you get approved through another company.


Extended deferred interest AKA Loan.

We are able to offer longer deferred interest options such as 6 or 12 month interest free, only for qualifying applicants. Applicants must have excellent credit score and a valid SSN to be approved for a loan. Please text or call us at 713-261-3808, email at info@pearlsvanity.com if you would like try to get approved for this financing option.


Important Financing information

Initial downpayment is not deductible from total. This is a processing fee charged by the financing companies. Depending on the company, you may be charged directly from your debit card, or we may add the fee to your purchasing amount.

Rather than being charged a downpayment, the Loan accounts financed through Koalafi,  will be charged a percentage fee that will be added to the total. 2.5% from total for the 6 month deferred interest option, and 5% for the 12 month deferred interest free option.

Acima charges a $25 fee for the 90 day interest free option.


If you plan to pay for your purchase free of interest under the deferred interest period, you MUST call the financing company's customer service team to modify your new Auto Pay, once the merchandise has been received. Your Auto pay will no longer be the minimum since it has to be modified in accordance to the interest free promotional time.  If you fail to do this, only the minimal payment will be deducted from your account, resulting in interest to be applied to your purchase. Pearls Vanity will not be responsible for any misunderstandings of this matter. To clarify all your doubts please call the financing company's customer service.

Applying for Financing will not affect your credit score, however it may be a soft inquiry once the financing is agreed and signed. Loan financing will be solely credit based and may have a greater impact to your credit score once agreed and signed. At the same time, financing can benefit your credit score once paid accordingly.

 We are available to you to clarify any doubts you may have, prior to applying for a financing account. Please reach us at 713-261-3808.



Great payment plan for future based purchases. Pay comfortably while we secure your item at our warehouse. Start a Layaway order with as little as $100 deposit. Layaway gives you a total of 15 weeks to pay off your order. Total purchase must be fully paid off before we can ship your items. There are no rules for payments, as long as it is paid off within 15 weeks. You can make payments as often as you like, and the amount that you like.

$100 initial deposit is not refundable. Fees for extending layaway terms will apply.

if interested on starting a layway order you can reach us at 713-261-3808 or you email us at info@pearlsvanity.com.