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Drawer-sized Acrylic Trays

Style: 3 Row Slanted


Perfectly designed to fit your Pearls Vanity drawers! Now you don't have to worry about standard organizers not fitting perfectly or moving around. The attractive and functional design of these organizer trays will not only make your life easier, but also give your vanity a luxurious feel. Investing in these organizers is the ideal solution to keeping your vanity neatly organized and easily accessible.


Choose from 3 different styles!

• 3 Horizontal rows slanted at an angle.

• 4 Compartments consisting of 4 horizontal rows.

• 8 Compartments consisting of 4 horizontal rows separated by a divider in the center.


Overall Dimensions: 14.50" long x 13.25" wide x 2" tall. 



• Made of solid clear acrylic 
• Perfect for storing small and medium makeup items. 
• Blushes, highlighters, eye shadows, gels, powders, creams, pigments, etc. 
• Simply place it in place and slide it into your drawers.
Please note: Makeup and drawers are not included.