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Luxi Vanity Set

Color: White

Mirror: Glare Bluetooth


Lavish and Petite Luxi Vanity was designed to fit into most beauty spaces only measuring 47" wide. Luxi's glass top feature allows you to be able to see through into your favorite items, inspiring you to accommodate them into your very own displayable preference. This fun and creative feature will motivate you to look your best each day by how easy it is to access your most frequently used items. Luxi Vanity’s incredibly resistant tempered glass top provides an extra protection against scratches and stains. All over High-gloss coated surface added for a shinier and sleek look while allowing for an easier wipe-off process. Luxi's convenient one sided design gives you plenty of room to be able to fit any size vanity chair and comfortably sit in and out of your station. Luxi Vanity comes with a tremendous capacity for its size to store all your make up collection, Not to mention, the absolute touch of glamour the crystal knobs bring each of its 8 drawers. Very Sturdy and selective high quality materials, striving to keep your vanity looking beautiful for many years.


 Table Measurements:

Width 47"      Depth 22"      Height 32"


Mirror Features


Get the illumination you deserve for each and every make up look with our High Quality and innovative Pearls Vanity Mirrors. Mirror includes LED, cool light and 100% replaceable screw-in light bulbs (we don’t do stick on bulbs around here 🙅‍♀️) two outlets, two USB outlets and the option to adjust the brightness directly from your mirror with our innovational touch dimming sensor, located in the lower center of your mirror. In addition to all of those features the Bluetooth mirrors include two impressively loud built in speakers located in each side of your mirror, and a bluetooth screen.  Bluetooth screen allows you to switch from next or previous playing song, adjusting brightness, volume control, and it keeps you up to date displaying the time, date and temperature. You can have a blast playing your favorite songs while getting ready to slay all day!
Your Pearls Vanity mirror can be mounted directly to your Pearls Vanity table as a set without the need of a mirror base.
    Choose your favorite style of mirror to accomplish your perfect vanity dream <3

Mirror Details

Depending on your preferences, you can choose a frameless or classic framed mirror, a large or regular mirror, and a mirror with or without Bluetooth capability.

Here's a table that will help you identify the mirror by its model name.

Models that are framed include:

Splendor/ SplendorBT 


Width   37"
Depth   3.5"
Height  32" 

Models that are frameless include:

Glare/ Glare Bluetooth 


GlarePT Bluetooth 

Width   43"
Depth   3.5"
Height  32" 

Width   32"
Depth   3.5"
Height  26" 


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